Road Through Worlds

5.00   (5 гласа)
:#F7F7F7">            With the liquid core to the lava in the dance of life.              (Page 25)       


This poem is fantastic, loving, and touches the soul. The imagery speaks for itself with a thousand words.  This invaluable and flowery poem won the Appreciation Award from Poetry Planet in the Poetry Competition of 123 Words, Motif of "Dance of Life." Great Expressions!



Forms And Fluids The Second Part Of This Fantastic Poetry Book Of Inspirational Stimulation Comes From Minko Tanev (МИНKO TAHEB). The First Poem Is Titled "Heavenly Argo Reflection." It Begins With Reflective Words Of Poetic Inspiration, "Poetry Is The Rhythmical Creation Of Beauty In Words" (Edgar Allen Poe).  Selected Excerpts Follow:

            Breeze from Colchis brings golden tinges from

            mythical seas through the centuries. Silhouettes                                                                               

            of rowers in a united rhythm with the song of the waves.

            Thracian goddess glorifies the sun ov


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