Road Through Worlds

5.00   (5 гласа)
er the breakwater.

            The coastline Recreates heroes.                                                         (Page 63)                       


This poem received the Red Quill Award and recognition from POEMarium: Quote-Poem: 19, with the following Motif: "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."— Edgar Allen Poe. The poem is no less than eight lines nor more than 12 lines. Exquisite Words! The following poem is titled "Heavenly Mythology." It highlights the essence of grace in the Lunar System of increasing love. Excerpts follow:

            The antique rose bleeds with a sun thorn in the heart                      

            I recognized the goddess of love, and a look from above

            exalted her with a lunar halo.

            I chant the sign of fire, and may God judge me with

            my heavenly drama or farce.

            About the ghostly explosions. About the nuclear tickle.



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