Road Through Worlds

4.33   (6 гласа)
                            (Page 90)


 This poem won the hearts of "In Musing During A Time of Pandemikc, World Anthology, A World Anthology of Poems on Covid-19, Kenya, 2020." Additionally, it won the Certificate of Excellence in Literature, Global Literary Society, Topic—Covid-19: A Pandemic, with 40 words, and finally, a Certificate of Commitment from the World's Health Organization. This poem has proven its eloquence for such awards. "Tremendous Accomplishments"

 The final poem in this most noteworthy poetry book of excellence is "Vibrations." It's written in the stanza sequencing format alternatively by Minko and Stoianka. It's a reflection of their life of love and inspiration for each other. The following are some memorable lines:


Maybe God sent you
to love me as never before,
to love you as never before,
to overfill we spaces with love,
to raise up vibrations on Earth.


You passed for a moment in sight.
Mirage almost. Spectacular.
And there is no way to reverberate
your ethereal steps of a goddess.


You kissed me on the top of the hill
and the pink darkness enveloped us.
From the sun everything glows in pink.


And all the strings in me

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