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Дай първата оценка



Дай първата оценка

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Bedtime note

Превод: English version - author

Дай първата оценка

You carried the sea in the eyes,

everyone else was in disbelief,

only words without vowels made sense,

whispered at night in the wind

in passing.



There are days and as many nights

when fear gathers all the crumbs



I think of counters with the stars

at night blue-black from anticipation.


I was breathing your sea from the music.


You had a sea in your arms,

Everyone else instead of words – threw fire,

only the coarse grains of truth made sense

said at night between two awakenings.


There are years and as many months

when life takes all the right steps –



I love signing as Trepetlika

on all the unsent letters to you.


Then I forget the manuscript and

the hidden meanings of our Gematria.


(Do not forget to take off the mask before going to bed!)


Of all the forests on this planet,

instead of Little Red Riding Hood, I wandered like a wolf – in yours.


And I never dream of you in color.


We wear a shadow when we caress

the light.

When we strip her naked in front of us –

then we can do more.


A few seconds later

played desire instead of notes

in the room empty of everyday life.

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