Александър Бандеров


My friend, forget that night....

4.99(91 гласа)


Remote like waterfall, Whi...

4.98(44 гласа)


They must wait for us, on Sirius....

4.47(17 гласа)


Now I stare inside myself. ...

4.18(11 гласа)

Виж още

* * *

Превод: Alexandrina Delova

4.86   (64 гласа)

Beyond the blue mountains I will never go.

Never my story will begin.

Beyond the blue mountains! I have always postponed to next year.

And time stopped below the summit. And it was not on purpose.


Never a spring of living water I will find.

Neither will pick up golden apple.

And instead of thinking I'll go home, have dinner.

It's late.


Still, maybe next year ...

Still, maybe I'll try anyway.

And maybe my life has passed

Beyond the blue mountains.

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