Стоян Терзиев


Blues about Frank Zappa

4.94(69 гласа)


We Were At Home

4.78(58 гласа)


Desire’s Lips

4.65(17 гласа)


Dots In Bloom

4.33(3 гласа)


With Kenneth White At Kamen Bryag 3

4.17(6 гласа)

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Along The Corridors Of My Autumn Awakeness

Превод: Sashko Pavlov

4.26   (27 гласа)

I hide in sleeplessness from thoughts about you

You easily inhabit dreams,

Lock yourself inside them

And toss the keys outside the window

That’s why I walk the corridors

Of my autumn awakeness.

Sleeplessness engulfs me like a drug

I’m seeing things. I pass past fish,

Blinking in tact with their gills.

I put your name in words, try to decode its anagram

I scribble it in chalk along the corridors, I trace.

And, running now, I am approaching

The tumult of my heart,

To comprehend how thoughts about you

Get encoded

In the pauses

Between each heartbeat.

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