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Illusion (13 August 2016, 19:20)

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Виж още

January the Second, 2016

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Second January ... year two thousand and sixteen (2016),

quarter to two pm.

A nice sunny day,

somebody going to a trip ... somewhere ...


Dalai Lama is still on TV

as we grow and gets it older,

as a message and symbol

for a struggle that lasts forever,

of small and disadvantaged.


Thematic wedding, on the manor of

Stars Wars, 60's.

There are Vivaldi's timeless winter

and supporting notes,

Four Seasons

starting the cycle

that lasts forever…


Those seven days

who endlessly repeat themselves at the hours,

starting with Monday

ending on the Sunday,

Strauss and his son Danube

for Happy New Year, are here…

Yesterday was the day of the New Year concert

and the Vienna Philharmonic noon.

Janis Joplin,

forty six (46) years after her death excellently sales

her souls and poems, for about

a million and eight hundred thousand dollars,

And here we are still playing, playing chalgii,



The time and event

recurring as values

that no one forgets,

and wars, wars, everywhere…

America debate weiss Russia

is never tired,

on the sight is a new Cold War,

and the cycle of 50 years

about which my grandfather spoke…

it seems that the news are the same, every new year

It is the same for decades…

and fashion, oh,

no one has created anything new,

Plates are already seen, and only,

only birth, is unique

to know that,

to love and be loved is a happiness…

Not New Year's greetings.

yes, you will see Dirty Dancing once again…

smiling as well, for that unrivaled experience…

And sometimes just the nature

will bring snow to punish or reward us.


Sparrow and pigeon, both, swaying on branch,

frozen sweeper is sweeping the streets,

holding the child's hand, smiling,

on the Second of January.

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