Джузепе Наполитано


The Answer, My Daughter

5.00(1 гласа)


So that tomorrow won’t taste of tomorrow

5.00(1 гласа)


Return to SÈTE

5.00(1 гласа)


Refrains of Orpheus

5.00(2 гласа)



4.83(105 гласа)


One Last Cigarette

4.53(32 гласа)

Виж още

September 5

4.35   (17 гласа)

Now you’re coming and the waiting that for years

fooled me into believing that I could even do

without you, appeasing my dreams on paper,

now opens a frail barrier before me

proposing to me a beyond past myself


It’ll take time to fix my makeup

and introduce a new myself to you

without tricks with a more attractive mask

as in unusual circumstances

but I’ll be ready when –

and I don’t want to wait any longer

– you ask me to take you by the hand

If you want me to guide you

and my hand will give you confidence

and grow stronger in yours


Now here’s why a day has as if a sense

of otherness that isn’t there but it’s

as though it were

as if before what was there wasn’t there

– is this a child?

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