Джузепе Наполитано


The Answer, My Daughter

5.00(1 гласа)


So that tomorrow won’t taste of tomorrow

5.00(1 гласа)


Return to SÈTE

5.00(1 гласа)


Refrains of Orpheus

5.00(2 гласа)


One Last Cigarette

4.53(32 гласа)


September 5

4.35(17 гласа)

Виж още


4.83   (105 гласа)

No matter how good I am at pausing the trip

or how stopping grants rest

it’s waiting again (not always a bad thing)

the open sea – virtuous call

of knowledge – and if Ulysses calls

to journey you cannot refuse

the mad flight that makes a man true

And then you dive in, trying to reach as soon

as your arms will take you the faraway shore

where you hope someone will be waiting for you

Someone who can give you an honest mirror

from which you can seek guidance:

which way home?

the stop becomes ever lighter

if already you think about other walks

about other journeys and fantasies –

looking but not always getting there

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