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1. You BIRds of BIRmingham

5.00(1 гласа)


10 Lines

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5.00(1 гласа)



5.00(1 гласа)



4.93(45 гласа)


Me Time

4.87(31 гласа)

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A Piano Bar Song

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Hey, girl, you want a drink?

Or just a song that I will sing.

I still don’t know what’s it about

But I can see the thickest cloud

That captures sun in your glance

And makes me feel so sad at once.


Hey, girl, you want a drink?

How many girls I’ve kissed you think?

Some taste so sweet, some taste so good –

Like sunny grass in magic wood

While others taste half wet, half bitter

Like bottled tears half a litre.


Hey, girl, you want a drink?

I’m not so rich to buy you ring

And build a home of stone and brick.

But I can break the glass you lick –

I’ll pour my voice in glass of sound

And I will spread my song around.


Hey, girl, you want a drink?

You gave a smile to me, I think.

I’ll sing for you, don’t say “goodbye”,

‘cause if you leave my heart will die.

I’ll free the sun, I’ll kill the cloud.

And that is what this song’s about.

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