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5.00(1 гласа)

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5.00   (1 гласа)

Look at the Greek policemen

on the square named after a constitution --

packed together, behind a barrier

of shields, shining helmets, hands

tightly clutching the clubs.

Like a Macedonian phalanx,

bristling with the long pikes.

Aegis of the parliament,

a wall against the crowd, order against chaos.

But the wrath of the Greek citizens

like a sea tide rushing --

behind posters and slogans, with megaphones and firecrackers,

a hands-on lesson in democracy.

The clash is inevitable, the battle is fierce --

in the very heart of Athens

Achaeans fight for Troy --

muscles stretch, beautiful and furious,

the heroes attack.

Menelaus, Agamemnon, the Ajaxes, Achilles and Patroclus

against helm-swaying Hector, Paris, Aeneas,

Priam's sons.

Biased goddesses protect their favorites

and armor groans under mighty swords.

Chariots fly in clouds of dust

Iliad of the new era on the square

with many meanings: constitution, order, arrangement,

squad, phrase ...

"We want jobs!" is a syntagma,

" Όχι, Europe!" -- as well.

This I recalled on "Two Bards" square,

among plenty of books and their characters,

beside the two Birds, in tune with folklore.

In a foggy morning in Sofia

I saw them coming --

horse to horse, hero to hero.

in the wood of spears,

the bright sun of the swords.

Their clothes - like a dark cloud,

in their steps, wells appear.

Who leads them, my mother dear,

for the Christian faith?

For the Christian faith, mother,

for the name of Bulgaria?

Oh mother dear ...

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