Ангел Хаджипопгеоргиев


The code

4.94(131 гласа)



4.47(90 гласа)



2.94(396 гласа)

Виж още


Превод: Liz Wales

4.83   (133 гласа)

It was a completely unremarkable leaf. And totally simple. In common with its fellows, it did not

know what photosynthesis was, but this did not hinder it from participating in it. Ultimately, the

tree was living with its leaves by means of the sun and photosynthesis. But, as we've already

noticed, the leaf did not know these words. The other leaves also did not know. The little leaf hung

together with others and in no way was it different, except that it was the end leaf on its branch.

A small bench stood in front of the tree. An ordinary bench. A green garden bench.

A woman stopped there. But instead of sitting on the bench, she stood on it. If she had not done

that, she would have been unable to reach the branches and leaves of the acacia. She tore off a

small branch and sat down.

She began to count – happiness, suffering, journey, letter ...

The woman sighed. It was difficult. Very difficult even.

She then returned home, gathered her belongings into a suitcase, took her child by the hand and set

off for the station. The counting had shown “a journey”......

A whole class of children poured onto the street. Dozens of feet trampled the leaf into the damp


It remained in the mud, not understanding that this was Fate.

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