Робинсън Джеферс


Continent's End

4.98(55 гласа)


The Great Wound

4.43(14 гласа)

Виж още


4.86   (58 гласа)

The mad girl with the staring eyes and long white fingers

Hooked in the stones of the wall,

The storm-wrack hair and screeching mouth: does it matter, Cassandra,

Whether the people believe

Your bitter fountain? Truly men hate the truth, they'd liefer

Meet a tiger on the road.

Therefore the poets honey their truth with lying; but religion—

Vendors and political men

Pour from the barrel, new lies on the old, and are praised for kindly

Wisdom. Poor bitch be wise.

No: you'll still mumble in a corner a crust of truth, to men

And gods disgusting—you and I, Cassandra.

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