Help Bulgarian authors reach the hearts of non-Bulgarian speakers

We created PlovdivLit aiming to provide a space where literary works can be read both in the original language in which they were written and in translations into various foreign languages.

Please join our noble cause! Become a PlovdivLit volunteer!

If you are fluent in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian or another language,
if you are capable of providing artistic translation of literary works,
if you have the desire and will to help,
if you have a favourite author whose works you wish to translate,
then please join our team of translators.

In return, we will gratefully place your name in our list of PlovdivLit translators. Needless to say, the translation copyright will remain all yours: your name will appear with each translated work.

If you would like to join our initiative, please contact us at and attach at least one translated literary text from the PlovdivLit library.

Each translation will be carefully reviewed by people fluent in the language and, if approved, we will contact you for future collaboration.

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