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Van Gogh

Looking out of the asylum’s windows,

I can see the majestic starry night,

The moon shining with all of its light,

The smell of irises is everywhere tonight.

Kiril Milushev was born in the year 2004. He is a student at the Humanitarian High School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in the eleventh grade. 

He participated in the competitions “Cuba – Far and near” and “People’s Awakeners and I”, where he has been awarded. 

His interests are poetry, music and arts.

Short Story

The Refugee

Ivan Dimitrov Hristov was born on 31.03.1951 in the village of Dobralak, Plovdiv County. He graduated the Veliko Tarnovo University “St. St. Kiril and Metodii” in the major Bulgarian philology. He worked as a teacher and principal of the school in his native village up to 1987, and after that he was appointed a principal of the Primary School “St. St. Kiril and Metodii” in the village of Markovo, Plovdiv county, where he worked until he retired in 2014.

Quo Vadis

Elena Divarova lives and works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She has published three books of poetry and one study into the works of literary historian Stefan Pamukov. Her works are extensively published in Bulgaria as well as in poetry collections in Germany, Poland, Russia and Serbia. She also translates contemporary Russian poetry. She holds an MA in philological sciences and is member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers, the Philological department of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and the Association of Plovdiv Writers. She has worked many years for the periodical editions of the Armenian community in Bulgaria. 



Minko Tanev was born in Plovdiv. He obtained a degree in Bulgarian Philology from the University of Plovdiv. He has worked at the Medical University – Plovdiv as a Professor of Bulgarian language for foreign students; in the newspaper Academia Medica - Plovdiv as an editor; in the newspaper Art Club - Plovdiv as a deputy chief editor.  

Author of six books of poems and a haiku book published in the, India, together with Stoianka Boianova. Co-author of books and anthologies, editor of over 60 books of poetry, prose, haiku and tanka. His work has been translated into Japan, German, French, English, Polish, Slovak, and Serbian, and he has translated works from Russian and Armenian.  

Gold Stars from Global Literary Society for Contribution to World Literature, 2019. Included in The First Anthology of World Gogyoshi, 2019, Haiku Anthology in three languages, published in Krakow, Poland, in World Haiku № 12, 13, 14, in Japanese, English and Bulgarian, in Haiku A Concise Anthology, India, haiku anthology Horizon, India, haiku anthology Beyond Words, Bulgaria – UK, Mamba anthology – Africa, Akita - The Land of Poetry, Japan, Time Haiku - UK, Under the Basho Modern Haiku, Anthology - 10th and 11th Competition of the Bashō Memorial Museum - Japan, Daily Haiku - USA, Haiku News - Serbia, Haiku World - Bulgaria, haiku anthology Free Hugs to Strangers, Bulgarian- English, anthology fantastic haiku "Капија сна" - Serbia, Candle, anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Love Poems, anthology Thresholds, Bulgarian-English, anthology When you are looking for me, Bulgarian – Germany, where silence becomes song - St. Albans, England, Time Haiku", UK. Participated with Stoianka Boianova in the collection The Poetic Achievement of Ban'ya Natsuishi - India. Presented at The Haiku Foundation – USA.

Minko is a member of Union of the Bulgarian Writers, Haiku Club - Plovdiv, Society of the Plovdiv writers, Union of the Writers Doctors in Bulgaria, Bulgarian haiku Union, The Haiku Foundation - USA, United Haiku and Tanka Society - UK, the World Haiku Association, Japan, Global Literary Society, World Nations Writers' Union, World Contemporary Lliterary Society of Nepal.


Man come from Venus, Women come from Mars

Dimil Stoilov was born in 1948 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He is the author of the novels:

  • “A Version for the Irritable” (Published by: „Hristo G.Danovׅ“ 1990) and “The Long Distance Love Runners” (Published: „Hermes“ 2010) as well as a collection of short stories:
  • “Schedule for Missed Trains” (Published: „Hristo G.Danov“ 1986)
  • "It is outrageous charming, beautiful predatory" (Published: "Hermes", 1998 and "Man of delicious tasting" (Published: „Hermes'“ 2005).



I was born on the day of the autumnal equinox in 1967 in Plovdiv. My first contact with newspaper ink was with a bucket of it in the printing house of the newspaper "Karlovo’s Tribune." It was quite a baptism because my parents had to buy me a whole set of new clothes and bandage my black to the elbow arm to avoid the explanation to the grandmas on how I was able to get access to the coveted liquid. My first scene love was a pink rabbit in the Puppet Theatre few years later. One of my grandfather taught me to read on the Plovdiv Theatre’s purple posters with blue letters on them. Posters hung on the fences along the way to the Music School. The dream of my grandmother that the piano would be crying under my hands did not come exactly true - desperately crying were all my music teachers.

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