Anton Baev


Tribute to Konstantinos Kavafis, born in 1863

4.98(388 votes)

Short Story

And No Roses for Ivana

4.96(110 votes)

Short Story

The Snake

4.91(92 votes)


Come, little dolphin!

Translated by: Вера Иванова

4.98   (236 votes)

I await you, little dolphin, to swim,

to enjoy the scorching sun,

the water, air and sand,

and to disappear

in the reviving depths of time,

which is timelessness –

by the fish, jellyfish and shells,

and the algae,

green and brown,

sticking to us…

It would be nice

like browsing a book

with missing pages –

beyond hope,

and faith, and love,

and all,

closed within time,


expectation is timelessness,

expectation never ends.



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