Alexandrina Delova

Short Story

Romance about Immigration

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Contemporary Bulgarian play in two acts


The actors:

1. Enyo, worker, returned to his native village Cloudlet;

2. Tsranka, the hostess of the pub in Cloudlet, of indeterminable age;

3. Stavri, elderly retired teacher in Cloudlet;

4. Valko, elderly resident of Cloudlet, stubborn by nature;

5. Tsvetan, elderly retired postman in Cloudlet;

6. Kosta, elderly resident of Cloudlet, backgammon player during since the WWII;

7. OldMac, elderly Scot settler in Cloudlet;

8. Despina, shrew British maiden, granddaughter of OldMac;

9. Horatio, butler;

10. The Lawyer, OldMak’s attorney and old friend;

11. Grandma Tsona, Velko’s wife, Danche, OldMac’s wife, Kosta’s mother and wife - dead, shadows of their former selves. They have no problems to appear in the world of the living, but look like dusted with white dust. Oh, and they are quite silent.

You may not believe in fairy tales. They help regardless of your faith in them. Sometimes, just because of it. Cloudlet is a tiny village somewhere above a large road, from where the Bulgarian capital Sofia is not visible. There live some old people and some ghouls.


Scene I

Village pub in Cloudlet. Four old men are sitting at a table. Behind the counter an old woman is polishing glassed. The door opens and Enyo enters carrying a knapsack.

ENYO: Good day!

TSRANKA: Welcome, Entcho! You haven’t been back in, what, two, three years, we missed you! Are you staying longer? Now tell me what you want to drink, fist have a sip, talk later! There are stuffed peppers ready, vegetarian ones, I will get you some, with yogurt, but there is goat one only, today the sheep one is all eaten!

STAVRI: So if you let him open his mouth, he may even tell you! Entcho, come sit with us!

Enyo looks around. There are only three tables at the pub altogether. He sits with the old men.

ENYO: A lemonade, if there is some, I am driving.

VALKO: Ha, what was that! New tricks! Would drink lemonade! Tsranka, don’t you listen to him – his grandfather will turn in his grave about this lemonade! If it goes like that he will ask you to brew him a cup of tea!

The other old men give conspiratorial laugh. Tsranka brings a plate with peppers and the ordered lemonade.

TSVETAN: Well, as you have decided not to drink, then we will say cheers! For wellcome back. So do you come to visit, or to do some work and will be going again?

ENYO: I do not know. If it works, I’ll stay altogether, my luggage is in the car. I came to buy grandfather Andrey’s house. I heard that his grandchildren are selling.

KOSTA: You are late Entcho. They sold it three months ago to one Scotsman with a skirt like your grandma’s and he already moved in. The house sat abandoned for three years; we thought that it will collapse all by itself but it had pulled some luck. He is a sturd


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