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Triassic Trilogy

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Hadean Eon: the Black Plum

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From Poems on Geology

A New Cycle of Drifting: Permian


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What an enormous blood bank was the ocean! It was still a mystery how the sun

had stored its holy sap down there, nobody had even foreseen its crystallization,

which turned out to be the precursor of mineral deposits and treasures. Transmutation took place in the universe, and another cycle just began—one space-time

was absorbed by a parallel one. And the earth was trapped in the middle

of numerous ruthlessly evolving stars—the seething mass of aristocratically armored

celestial bodies, groping in the dark along the threads of gravitational forces


into diversified clusters:  they were shaped like ancestral candelabras, transient hallucinations,

and dazzling spotlights... all were as light as sorrowful snowflakes

Ashes left by tides were still there, clinging to the naked Old Red Sandstone

like suckerfish, which were eventually

decomposed into lichenous dolomites. The sound of a pick-end fossil hammer

started to echo in the silence: It was a sign, that vicissitudes would wipe away

the pines and cypresses on the horizon like a wildfire, from west to east

Go on your journey, Lystrosaurus! You might still have time,


before the skeleton of this semi-aquatic herbivorous beast became a part of the geosphere,

to save some of the fragments of history in the organ near the heart

which had gustatory memory. You dug up their pure white roots

with your tusks… and the Sun

recycled all remains.

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