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: It is waiting for you in the kitchen. I had such a premonition that it might be needed.

DESPINA: I will need some staples. I should make a list!

THE BUTLER: Please do! (hands her a notebook and a pencil)

DESPINA: (starts writing) Let me see, flour we have, sugar, cherries for the top of the cake, actually I had somewhere hidden a jar of cherries in whiskey ...

(Light on the right half of the stage goes down. Despina continues to write something grumbling about various products. Horace goes out unnoticed. The left half of the stage becomes lighter. There Enyo and Horace still wearing a dress make the last few steps around the chairs. The Butler gracefully bows and closes his fan. Enyo slumps heavily on one of the chairs. The Butler fans him.)

ENYO: You're in great shape, Horace, you're not even winded.

THE BUTLER: What a wonderful compliment, do not forget to tell it to your wife tomorrow night.

ENYO: As long as we live to see the evening. She and I need to discuss some changes to the sewer system; hopefully the lady will not resort to physical arguments.

THE BUTLER: Devotion to authentic can sometimes play a practical joke on us, even if it is motivated by the best feelings. Perhaps some of the changes might be postponed until a later date.

ENYO: Sound idea! The lady's apartments can be updated in last place, but I personally prefer to have running hot water when shaving in the morning. What thoughts come to you while looking in the mirror in the morning, Horace?

THE BUTLER: Depressive mainly. And to you?

ENYO: That the mirror needs to be replaced. Actually, you know it is noteworthy that there ar


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