Антон Баев


Come, little dolphin!

4.98(236 гласа)


And No Roses for Ivana

4.96(110 гласа)


The Snake

4.91(92 гласа)

Виж още

Tribute to Konstantinos Kavafis, born in 1863

With a hope of meeting with her one day I live, That moment has not arrived yet. R.Tagore

Превод: Месут Шенол

4.98   (388 гласа)

I envy you that you were born in Alexandria.

you never felt the need to look for

your life’s Alexandria.


How about Constantinople’s poets,

Except looking loathingly at their being contemporary?


Which city can swarm with so many foreign languages?

Only Philipopolis can qualify, in the North.


Thank God, they did not publish you.

Better than that, you did not want it.


Even for once to look alike others,

To bid a farewell and to give and receive blessings

was not the case for you to be obliged to…


You, old man who remembers the past by praising,

and falling asleep on a coffeehouse stool,

whatever was approaching – you recognized it.


Very well, we, the ones who line up beside you, what do we hear?

What can we say – with the mind travelling afar;


after you, one hundred years after Kavafis? However –

I envy you that you were born in Alexandria.

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