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The Ship of the Alvares Family

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Between words

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Ekaterina Ivanova Kostova was born in Plovdiv. Currently she lives in Spain. She is a philologist by education and a journalist by profession, but at heart she claims to be a person who likes telling stories. Her personal professional plot begins with her school years. The local youth newspaper publishes her poems, and later, as a university student, her short stories appear on the pages of literary magazine Trakia. In her second year at university she wins The National Students’ Literary Award with her short story “A letter to K.” which is also the first story in her novel “Letters under the pillow”. It comes out exactly twenty years after her debut “Penelope’s canvas”, published by publishing house “Hr. G. Danov”, Plovdiv, after winning the competition at the National Book Publishing Centre in 1994. It was presented by prof. Svetlozar Igov at its debut opening. “Letters under the pillow” is the novel which brings her back on the literary scene. Offered by publishing house “Hermes”, the manuscript wins a project by The Plodiv Municipality Program for financing books by Plovdiv authors and issues with special value for the town, and appears on the literary market at the end of November 2014. After openings in Plovdiv, Sofia and Varna at the end of June 2015, the book presentation is included in the Official Program of Sopot Municipality for the Commemoration of the 165 th anniversary from the birth of Ivan Vazov.

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