Yin Xiaoyuan


A New Cycle of Drifting: Permian

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Hadean Eon: the Black Plum

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From Poems on Geology

Triassic Trilogy


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The definition of a drought was something insoluble, passed on from the canopy of one tree to another

before the dry hot wind detached it from the leaves like a flame

and drove it into the wasteland. Draperies of afterglow

and blankets of darkness were overlapped on one another, and millions of starry nights

decorated all as their fringes. Bright daylight was a winnower

who scattered chaff everywhere, beyond the black holes, over all ashes and dusts


and became the first gem mules of Jurassic. Richardoestesia, why did you run through the forest

like a startled lizard?


One day, when black-white stripes of chalk and shale

were brought into daylight, vermilion layer

would also be discovered, with its inkpad texture, ready to provide a bright color to an imperial jade seal,

to print letters on the beach of fossils

-          "Resurrection"

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