Yin Xiaoyuan


Triassic Trilogy

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A New Cycle of Drifting: Permian

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From Poems on Geology

Hadean Eon: the Black Plum


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The black plum was a ball of iron in disguise, so the terminator between its bright part and shadow was moving in a reluctantly way. Traceless in the universe

It rumbled across vastness, orbiting around bursting flames of the sun just a breath away, cruising all dimensions with its obstinate lumbering pace

as if it were “flying” on wires against a green screen. Its fossilized flesh

collapsed and was remodeled again. Its primordial metabolic system chew up light-years of sunshine and ruminated eternally.

At perihelion, boiling vermillion juice was squeezed out of its pores, so the pores stayed agape since ever since.

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