Niculina OPREA


At the Definite Rapprochement

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The Lives of the Others and Our Lives

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The Nightingale`s Night-Hole

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Another sense

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The Heart of the Queen

“Orpheus is Zeus of the Man, the Man is my Orpheus”

Translated by: Lavinia Puflea

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Earth blessed by those who came

and by those who will come,

earth with gardens spoiled    

by the sun over the White Town,

gardens where

the Queen's* heart is being heard tick-tack,



tick-tack, tick-tack, and in the shadow

that crosses the Bridge of Sighs,

and under the pavement on the Alley of Centuries.


Tick-tack, tick-tack and in the walls of history.


The White Town is lighted by the star

which is still making its circle

around the Stella Maris Chapel.


Tick-tack, tick-tack in the triangle of my way

surrounded by royal lilies

from Balchik to Plovdiv and Sofia,

and from Sofia to Plovdiv and Balchik.




and from my heart a bird flies

towards a rainbow coming out of the sky

like a child who raises a kite of paper

in a field full of poppies.


* Mary, Queen of Romania (1875-1938).

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