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The Lives of the Others and Our Lives

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The Nightingale`s Night-Hole

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Another sense

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The Heart of the Queen

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At the Definite Rapprochement

Translated by: Lavinia Puflea

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At the definite rapprochement,

the curiosity of the ivy covers my eyes.


Around me – an unnatural jubilation,

(maybe somebody is ascending to the sky

and I don`t know,

maybe somebody is descending and I don`t see).


Strange music

behind the antique painting.


Boundless beauty of the body

which would not lend itself

to humility. –


Failures make somersaults around the ankles.


I`ll turn my face to prayer,

even if the snakes are crawling on the church’s wall,

only I know that it’s not me anymore,


but a kernel which encloses in itself

the white side of the world.

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