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Дай първата оценка



Дай първата оценка

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Превод: Milan Damjanoski

Дай първата оценка


We spent the first part of the night

Piecing together new constellations


When I saw in the sky a “Sleeping swallow”

You hastened to draw the constellation of the “Pillow”


When you discerned the constellation of the “Bent Tulip”

I gathered a few stars to prop it up


When I saw the glistening of the “Eel” constellation

You told me that the whole sky is one big ocean


When you chanced on the constellation of the “101 Pearls”

I whispered: the galaxies are like oysters


Whenever we saw new flocks of stars

We rushed to find them heavenly trees so they can rest



And when we finally found homes

For all the stars, comets, meteors and constellations


We decided we can take our deserved leave

And rest for the remainder of the night



Next morning began as any other morning: we looked at each other,

As if we knew not of any new constellations

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