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Romance about Immigration

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to so much, dear child, just do not make me tell you, you will probably start to stutter. It will not take you much, just quotes from the letter from the head of gynecology, who writes to the chief of supply why the ophthalmic sutures that were sent to the ob-gyn emergency are not good. Nevermind that they have been torn off from the heart of his peer the head of ophthalmology, for the gynecology he needs the ones that are torn from different live spieces. The selection of non-traumatic needles only on this mobile table that you have just mindlessly pushed aside would cause spirited enthusiasm of the whole department. Of course, all this is because it is August and there are no such winds to blow me away.

Some more time has lapsed. The family of the maiden of few words is expecting addition. We are still fresh from the experience and answer any questions. However. There is always a however. The young lady is also a child of parents who have no other relatives nearby. Her father is a well-read, intelligent man who appreciates the great opportunity to spend with his wife the hours immediately before and during birth. It will just not happen. Well, I say, I will go with her, our dad will keep both our ones and yours at home, you will be at the door of the delivery room just in case, the two of us will be inside. Deal. Two false alarms, even my boss is alert and knows that if the call is for me personally, probably I get about three minutes to drop the ball. Luckily Mother Nature decides that the sacramental things are better at nighttime and we show at the hospital late in the evening. The doctor is gone. She is at a wake, because due to some incomprehensible reason these things are also in the late evening hours. The doctor arrives as is, in her mourning clothes and in her outstretched hand there is a apple brought directly from the small gathering to honor the deceased. To sustain the woman, she is right about to give birth! A week or so ago, this same woman has refused to discuss a deal to buy a house, because the house, yes, you guessed it right, overlooks a cemetery. And here a cemetery apple is shoved in her face! I do lion jump out from behind the bed and grab the forbidden fruit, behold, I will put it here on the nightstand, perhaps after a while, she just ate, she may feel overloaded. My pal carefully monitores the outgoing doctor, I get out on her trail and throw the apple in the bucket outside. I come back, wipe nightstand.

The labor is fast progressing, the doctor is still asleep downstairs. I've gone from polite insistence to direct threats to the intern on duty on the floor. Save your strength, my sweet, and breathe, I can curse for both of us in our country’s two official languages. My fingers are already blue and I do not feel them, but certainly I feel the doctor is looking for trouble. Finally the Aesclepian servant comes barely in time to catch the little beauty. Would you like to cut the umbilical cord? No, ma'am, t

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