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Romance about Immigration

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hank you, that's your job. The doctor wraps the young lady in a blanket and hands it to me, probably a survival instinct but a fleeting one. Give me the girl! I will not give her to you, you take care of her mother first! Doctor’s self-preservation instinct activates for a second time, probably propulsed by the fact that I am a head taller. God, what a beauty, an exact replica of her father, why did you suffer so much with her, I tease her mother while adjusting the little morsel to start breakfast. The doctor finishes and leaves. I go as well for Daddy to came in to his two charming ladies. I put my jacket and walk home for at least some part of the events to ventilate out of my head. Our Dad opens sleepily and stares at me.

- So you walked like this through the city?

- Why? - I follow his gaze. My sterile white blouse is stained with blood and mucus. No wonder the early passersbys were jumping away startled along my way.

It is dawn, I wake up the newly minted older sister and bring her to see her little sis. The little one is even more beautiful than I remember her. Their father craddles her and says: you cannot imagine what I experienced outside the door. I could hear only my wife praying to Allah, and you arguing to bring the doctor and saying something in Bulgarian. You're lucky, I tell him, that you do not know what I was saying in Bulgarian. And the doctor is lucky that your wife held me by the hand.

- And what is my sister’s name?

This question we have already exhausted, my dear, your parents had chosen for her a great name, filled with multiple meanings and blessings, and also containing at least three sounds nonexistent in either English or French, and spelled by one full row of letters. Your sister would not be able to write it herself until third grade, and the probability for her teachers to remember and pronounce it is somewhere around the freezing point of water in percentages. If your parents were Christians, I would have been the little cute’s godmother, but even without the honour I so long and earnestly pleaded for something sweetly short, simple, clearly pronounceble in the three languages with which she will begin her life. Now this beauty bears a name of three letters and three sounds also filled with multiple meanings and blessings, and one more - every time she will fill a form she will remember me and how much she was loved even before she was met by the woman who first held her in her arms. For home use we can still call the sweetee that long name, especially if you play hide and seek. She can ran from the fourth floor, go through the schoolyard and get back to home base before the one who seeks is able to say it all! Let's go to school, darling, to let your parents nap in shifts; the night was long.

It has been many years. The little sister is the school spelling champion. Probably she could spell to me that that long name letter by letter backwards. The young lady of the few

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