Lemon Sorbet

Превод: Ивелина Тодорова

Дай първата оценка
m-alt:auto; line-height:normal">(Tears begin to flow on her cheeks)


"That's... it's not true... it's not..."


(She gets down on her knees. She clogs his mouth with a hand. She starts to get mad when she becomes aware of the reality... Music during the end of act V)







(She stands on the railing of the same bridge on which they first met. She's staring at the stars. She is dreamy, but this time her face is filled with the handwriting of grief. He stands up and stretches her hands to the sides. One step separates from the concrete in the direction of the river. Just before she falls, a healthy, strong palm grabs her by the wrist and stops her. She turns around and sees Alain. She could not believe it. She thinks her mind is playing with her, and he's smiling.)


"What were you thinking? That I'm not going to get it back to you?"


(Her lips tremble, her eyes moisten when she realizes he is really alive, that he's with her).


"Come on, little Anna. Let's get out of here."


(He takes he

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