Lemon Sorbet

Превод: Ивелина Тодорова

Дай първата оценка
gin-bottom-alt:auto; line-height:normal">"Yes, there is!"

"Oh, really? And what's it called?"


(She thinks)



"You just made up a word?"

"All the words are made up."

"Fine, if that star is so important for you I will contact the Space Agency tomorrow to negotiate its purchase."

 "You're a fool!"

"You think I'm lying? I would do anything for you. Come on, try me. Tell me what you want right now."

"I’d like a... lemon sorbet..."


(End of act 3)





(He comes close to her back and hugs her)


"It's only for two weeks! I will go, sign the concessionaire's contract, see if everything goes without problems at the opening of the first exhibition, and I come home."

"Can't someone else go?"


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