Lemon Sorbet

Превод: Ивелина Тодорова

Дай първата оценка

(End of act IV)




(Anna is drinking coffee. An unknown number is calling. She sees it is a land line, so she picks up.)



Good morning, may I speak to Anna Tomov"

"Yes, it's me!"

“This is Ivan Kisyov from the Bulgarian Embassy in Paris. I'm calling in connection with Mr. Alain Angelov."

"What happened?"


(a second of silence on the other side of the line)


"There was an accident with Mr. Angelov's flight."

"An accident...? Is he all right?"


(The voice in the handset is no longer heard in the frame. Only Anna hears what he says. She drops the glass to the ground and it bursts into hundreds of pieces)


"No, it can't... it can't be..."



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