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y old guy all day hammering and nailing something, putting the house back together. Last week he started redoing the tiles in the yard.

ENYO: Damn it! I went a long way for this house! Will have to convince the man to sell it to me! But maybe he will leave all by himself, if I'm lucky.


VALKO: Won’t sell. This one is serious. Every week he goes to town and drags back stuff. If you wait a little, he will come, every night he comes to the pub to dine. It would have been easier if we could understand each other, but tough, I studied French in year thirty-eighth, "bonjour" and "merci" is all that stayed.

STAVRI: And “Quel heure est-il”, but who will remember, and the grandpa has a watch. Don’t you worry, Valko, he the OldMac is studying Bulgarian, isn’t he!

ENYO: His name is OldMac?

STAVRI: Nope. His name is MacSomething, some old noble name that one cannot read from the first time without the benefit of a good drink. It is not easy on the hundredth try either, he was explaining something about “old” and “big”, but somewhat older than bigger, as much as we got, so that stuck, OldMac. Entcho do finish your meal and let me bring you home with me, sonny, you look somewhat ill, you are not good for travel.

ENYO: I don’t want to impose on you, Uncle Stavri.

STAVRI: Who are you going to impose on, since Grandma Tsona died, at home there are the hens, Sharo the dog and me.

ENYO: What about the goblins? Grandma Tsona was always warning me not to climb to the attic as they would grab me.

STAVRI: By the looks of you, you have better chances to be grabbed by the fairies rather than by the goblins, what would they do with you? Even if they exist, they should not be very heavy as my attic beams are all rotten and would have fallen by now otherwise. Or maybe they are already old and don’t move around very much. When I get to change the beams if I find them I will let you know. Let’s go as since the post fell there is no electricity in our neighborhood and you are a city boy, not used to the dark.

VALKO: He, when did he got unused to? Wasn’t it him still in shorts that I was getting down from the cherry tree at three in the morning, let me ask! Who was telling what he had seen in the dark Entcho do you remember?

ENYO: What I had seen, I remember not. I remember you telling me that the elephants are hiding in cherry orchards, as their eyes are red and they cannot be seen behind the cherries, such camouflage pattern. I must have seen some of the hidden elephants I guess.

VALKO: This part I have forgotten. In fact you claimed that your elder brother Vantcho sent you to stand on guard lest the bogeymen come. You were the first watch; he would come to replace you later. Sure, would come, but who would be then seeing off your future sister-in-law to her home? He probably had forgotten about you. You, however, were standing like a brave toy soldier, en guard to spare

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