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us from all the demons. And you have climbed up the cherry tree because one can see further from there.

The old men start laughing.

ENYO: (puzzled) Why, is it not true?

KOSTA: For being true – true it is, but it is now that Valko’s cherry tree is three stories above the roof, then it was a little one, if you could climb it, probably one could not see over the stone fence. That is why we had so much trouble finding you, oh, brave warrior! Valko said then that he would award you with a cherry medal as all the leather has gone for something. But it passed you by as until the cherries ripened, the story was forgotten. You seem offended, did I say something wrong?

ENYO: No, no.

VALKO: Don’t you worry! Stay for few more days, the cherries are almost ripe, elephant’s eye by elephant’s eye, medals all over hanging. And we will let you climb the same cherry tree, to have a look around; safe some bogeymen have slipped secretly!

STAVRI: Entcho, do not listen to these teasers! What bogyman will come in our lands? I still cannot fathom how the guy with the skirt found us, let alone a bogeyman. Boys, when our man comes let him not miss his class, hey! Letter by letter – an entire alphabet!

Stavri stands up and Enyo follows.


Scene II

Stavri's kitchen. On the table there is tablecloth, a candle is burning between two small brandy glasses and a carafe of water. Above the table hangs an old-fashioned wedding portrait in a simple frame.

STAVRI: If we go to bed now, we will perk up both as bogeymen tomorrow morning. Or you are tired? Your bed is ready in the other room.

ENYO: I am not tired. The road to here is, what, a stone throw distance.

STAVRI: Well so why then you look to me like you have been ridden hard and put away wet? Because of the house, is that it?

ENYO: Because of the house. Grandpa always said that my belly button cord was thrown there, so there is my luck. And here comes a Brit. From all the houses he chose exactly this one.

STAVRI: Your belly button cord was not thrown there, it was lost there, let me tell you. When you came into the world Ando was going to Sofia so your grandpa brought the cord in a tiny piece of cloth for Ando to throw it in the big city. But your grandpa also brought a big bottle and it was full in the evening and empty in the morning when we came along and we could not find your umbilical cord anywhere. It may be there, but it may also not be, as we went to lots of places that night with the bottle and it is murky where it was dropped. I wouldn’t tell you all the curses that your grandma uttered!

ENYO (smiles): They did not tell me this.

STAVRI: Sure they did not, or else their sister-in-law would scratch the eyes of both.

ENYO: Come on, Grandma Vena was not like that bad, going after the eyes of both, (laughs) Although…

STAVRI: In her young days, maybe not, but since Ra

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