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yko fell ill, God rest his soul, she could teach a wicked witch some new tricks. See, your mother did not run away from home from good. How is Maria?

ENYO: She is doing well, thank you. My elder brother takes care of her; she is helping with the children as much as she can. Mom turned to worse after Dad died, we thought that she would follow him soon. But then my sister-in-law fell ill and there was no one to stay with the little ones, so Mom went and stayed since. Ivan did not remarry, all the time the children this, the children that. Now they are big men, Rady will soon have to shave his mustaches.

STAVRI: What about Georgy? Is he still in Vidin?

ENYO: Still there, visiting Ivan once in a blue moon, I have not seen them recently. You know, from where your wife comes, there is your family. And I was not around anyway…

STAVRI: Where were you?

ENYO: Working abroad. Saving for a house.

STAVRI: So you travelled the foreign lands… Well, you will tell us a story, to the pals in the pub, as many people go, but nobody comes to tell.

ENYO: Um, there is not a story to tell.

STAVRI: There is no shame in working, Entcho.

ENYO: Depends what one is sent to do. If you want, tomorrow morning I may go up the attic to see these beams that we talked about today. I mean, I can also look for some bogeymen.

STAVRI: Deal, but you should be careful. I doubt any of the bogeymen still remains there – so many years no one has dusted there. You don’t get this as an invitation to dust, understood? I know how serious you can be, if the bogeymen ever return they will be stuck to the beams like back then at school. It took me two days to wash it clean your blackboard that you have primed with sugar syrup with honey for safety.

ENYO: This was a result of too much analytical thinking.

STAVRI: Never doubted that. Pray share now as then I could not pry a word from you.

ENYO: Here we are, down with chicken pox the three of us, Ivan, Georgy and me. Grandma bakes a round bread and for the chicken pox to be sweet to us she then dabs the loaf with honey, and it becomes shiny. Then comes my turn to clean the blackboard, I decide that sugar water is not enough and put honey for luster.

STAVRI: An then?

ENYO: Then… Who could have told me that I face a competition from my own brother! Georgy asked Grandpa what he put on the wood to polish it, Grandpa said “wax” and here we are, the blackboard is primed with honey and then coated with wax. But it was shiny!

STAVRI: No kidding! Come to think of it, I was lucky Ivan did not take part in it, he would have lacquered it!

ENYO: With car enamel! He does it up to now, you just have to say so, will make it as shiny as a new penny! See, my clunker does not remember when it was made, but looks like a doll, he put it back together.

STAVRI: If you move here, you'll need another transport. You can ride, right? When wint

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