Yin Xiaoyuan




Триаска трилогия

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Yin Xiaoyuan (Yīn Xiǎoyuán, “殷晓媛” in Chinese) is an avant-garde, crossover epic poet as well as a multi-genre & multilingual writer, founder of Encyclopedic Poetry School (est. 2007), initiator of Hermaphroditic Writing Movement and chief drafter of Declaration of Hermaphroditic Writing, Editor and visual designer of “Encyclopedic Poetry School A.I. Papercube” (10th Anniversary Special Edition) , “12th Anniversary Poetry Photography Manuscripts Album” and “2020 Yearbook: Poetry Photography”, director and visual designer of “12th Anniversary Poetry ╳Tea Deluxe Gift Set” and “12th Anniversary Commemorative Medallions”. She also directs “Encyclopedic Poetry School Creative Writing & Integrated Art Workshop”, members of which include poets, writers, dramatists, musicians and visual/installation/photography/calligraphy artists.

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