Lemon Sorbet

Превод: Ивелина Тодорова

3.00   (1 гласа)
mal">"Do you want me to tell you a secret?"

(The two of them are lying on the roof of the building where Anna lives. Looking at the stars).

"I love secrets."

"You're the love of my life."


(He kisses her, then begins to talk)


" And you're my own life. It belongs to you. You can do whatever you want with it".

"Really? Whatever I want? What if I asked for a giant diamond? The biggest you can find in the jewellery shops?

"Then I will visit them all".

"What if I want a star?"

"Then I will buy one and name it after you".


(She laughs).


"That one for example. She seems lonely and nameless".

"I'm pretty sure it's Riegel".

"No! No! It's some lonely little star crying that it doesn't have a name. And the other stars, like Riegel, make fun of her. But they don't know that even though it's tiny, if it bursts, it will blind them all. And whoever takes a glimpse at it at this moment will be filled with indescribable inspiration for life. His every fantasy will become a reality."

"Pardon? There's no such thing."


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